Connected BIM - Building Predictive Maintenance
Connected BIM provides building owners continuous and automated supervision of assets to ensure hassle-free operating of building systems with increased efficiency at decreased maintenance cost.
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Connected BIM provides building owners continuous and automated supervision of their assets to ensure hassle-free operating of building systems with increased efficiency at decreased maintenance cost.

A virtual building model with a connected asset catalogue serves as a three-dimensional map to indicate and locate problems and inconsistencies. With the help of accurate sensor data combined with intelligent self-learning algorithms possible issues can even be predicted and avoided.

This way BPS Connected BIM dramatically increases facility efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and accelerates your return of investment.



autonomous and intelligent monitoring

Focus on important tasks while getting event notifications without the need of continuous system monitoring.
Adjust the amount of remote monitoring objects for each service team.

smart problem prediction

With the power of the latest machine learning technology you’re able to use existing scenarios or create your own ones to identify problems fast and differ spontaneous interruptions.

ultra-fast troubleshooting

Through the integration of the sensor data with the BIM model, it’s easy to identify problems and visually locate them as well as to get further information about the asset at a glance.

connect everything, access it everywhere

Connect MEP systems, open spaces, industrial equipment, etc. and makes their data available 24/7 from a broad range of devices.

easy to install

We made the installation process as easy as possible. Place the sensors, initialize through our mobile app and your data is available online.

Wide Sensor Range at low costs

We provide a wide range of sensors like Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Air Quality and Flow, Pressure, Accelerations, Light, etc. for a very affordable price.

How It Works

BPS Connected BIM is based on state of the art technology, that saves you money and provides better sustainability. The core idea of the platform is to provide integral service for predictable maintenance.

The service guarantees secure cloud storage, easy business intelligence (BI) and data mirroring directly on a 3D Information Model (BIM), creating a live “Connected BIM” example.

1. Connect all systems in a simple installation using a pc, tablet or smartphone to gather the necessary data.
2. Place and map the sensors in your 3D Building Information Model.
3. Start ready-to-go machine learning to record normal behavior and identify incidents.
4. Check your data anywhere and anytime and get notifications via email or messenger with the cloud-based service.



For Property Owners

Accelerate your Facilities’
Return Of Investment

Higher stability and lower maintenance costs will speed up your ROI like never before.


Enhance Asset Value

Complete documentation and digitization increases asset value – just like the maintenance booklet of your car.


Reduce running costs

Accurate data makes it easy to optimize your buildings working costs, find leaks and troubleshoot them.


For Facility Managers / Operators

Get Full Transparency

Get full in depth insight about assets through a transparent overview of their health.


Optimize Workflow

Lower the amount of inspections and working hours and let your staff work on what really matters.


Reduce production downtime or business interruption

Don’t let troubles disturb your business or business of your customers. Maintain comfort level.


For Service Operators

Reduce Breakdowns

Self-learning problem prediction helps to prevent issues before they appear.


Reduce Inspection Costs

Smart data notifies you when inspections are actually required.


Reduce Replacement Parts Costs

Identify the real cause of a problem and replace only the required parts.

Our Hardware

The BPS Connected BIM hardware is able to connect to any sensor (AI, DI, DO, ModBus, RTU, RS485, SPI) and on the transport level we support LPWAN and LoRaWan as well as TCP/IP and GSM. While development we have focused on simplicity and compatibility with standardized IoT technologies to maintain the highest flexibility at a very affordable price.

PowerConnect 118R4CM

PowerConnect 118R4CM

Measure instantly energy consumption and quality on all levels
SensorConnect 122R4CM(PT)

SensorConnect 122R4CM(PT)

Get instant data from any sensor or connect new sensors easily with Plug-n-Play

Your Contact


Nick Loth
Product Consultant

+49 (0) 89 / 307 66 780

BPS International GmbH

Riesstraße 8
80992 München

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